General Punching Information

General Punching Information

Ensure Long Life of Your Tooling

Ironworker Punch Setup Diagram

For maximum performance, follow these punching guidelines.

A. Before punching, ensure that your punch stem and coupling nut are properly tightened and holding the punch securely.

B. Use keyways if available on shaped tools for proper alignment.

Alignment Tools

C. Tighten the die in the die pocket with the set screw.

D. Be sure the stripper is installed and properly positioned before punching.

E. Lubricate when possible. We recommend Motor HoneyTM or STPTM Oil Treatment.

F. Clearance

  1. Clearance is the amount of extra space required in the hole of the die to allow the punch to pass through to punch a hole in the material. 
  2. Clearance is determined by the type and thickness of the material being punched. Be sure that the punch size is larger or equal to the thickness of material you are punching.

Die Clearance Calculator

G. Be sure that you have enough tonnage for your application

Tonnage Calculator