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View our Custom Tooling in action.

Custom Die Sets for a Press or Ironworker

Check out our custom die sets that you can use in your hydraulic shop press or ironworker machine. Our punch and die sets can do more than you think! Give us a call for quality American made tools from Cleveland, Ohio.


Crimping Punch and Die Set

A customer in the conveyor industry needed to crimp “ears” onto a spindle for a conveyor. A special crimping punch and die quickly creates repeatable crimps.


Picket Tool

Picket Tooling is used for cutting and crimping tubing to make fences and gates in ornamental iron. The Picket Tools can be custom sized or shaped for your application. Using your Ironworker, in one stroke you can crimp round or square tubing into the picket shape, and also cut the tubing to size. Almost any Ironworker or Press can be used with this tooling, saving time and money.


Corner Rounding Punch and Die Set

Round off your plate corners with an ironworker, in any desired radius for designs, emblems and base plates.


Trim, Crimp and Punch Die Set

A builder of steel frame structures needed to flatten and trim the ends of pipe, and punch a bolt hole to attach sections. CST designed a die set that cuts the radius, crimps the end and punches the hole.