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About Us

Cleveland Steel Tool - Manufacturing Punches, Dies, Blades and Custom Tooling for over 111 years!

About Us


In 1908, The Cleveland Steel Tool Company was founded as a producer of patented punches for the automotive leaf spring industry. That same year, Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile, the New Year’s Ball was introduced in Times Square, Grand Canyon National Park was established, the first Mother’s Day was observed, and Orville Wright carried a passenger on a flight for the first time. In the Articles of Incorporation, dated May 21, 1908, the purpose of the Company is stated as:

Manufacturing punches, dies, tools & specialties and machines for using the same and for the sale thereof and the transacting of all other business necessary and incidental thereto

Over one hundred years later, Cleveland Steel Tool is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of Punches, Dies, Tools and Specialties. Cleveland Steel Tool supplies Punches, Dies, Shear Blades and Specialty tools to the structural steel, railroad (track and cars), farm equipment, truck frame, shipbuilding and grader blade industries, as well as serving all manner of fabricators and ornamental iron shops.

Customers rely on Cleveland Steel Tool for Quality, Technical Expertise and Rapid Turnaround. Over 80% of our orders, including custom orders, ship within 24 hours.

The engineering team at Cleveland Steel Tool has worked diligently throughout the years to bring innovative solutions to the Metalworking industry. It is the mission of the engineering team to simplify designs and processes, increase tool life and ensure compatibility throughout the tooling system. Cleveland Steel Tool’s technical team routinely assists customers with their tooling application problems. From the testing of new raw materials to the new designs of tooling, CST works to bring inventive resolution and guarantee their customers receive ultimate value.

After many successful years as a tooling manufacturer, Cleveland Steel Tool increased its value in the marketplace by using its knowledge of punching to add a complete line of Ironworker Machines, from 25 Ton to 120 Ton capacity. With the more recent addition of Magnetic Drills and Annular Cutters, Saws and Saw Blades, the Company is now positioned to provide its customers with the broadest line of hole making tools and equipment available.

Cleveland Steel Tool’s team of skilled engineers and craftsmen ensure the commitment to quality that has been part of the company’s culture for 100 years. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer, CST is able to deliver quality parts to customers with the shortest lead times in the industry.

In partnership with our Local Teamsters Union, Cleveland Steel Tool is proud to be an American manufacturer- all our Punches and Dies are made in one Plant in Cleveland, Ohio. We have the technical skills to solve your most difficult problems, the inventory and machining capabilities to meet your needs in a hurry, and the experienced sales staff to make sure you find the right solution at the right price.